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Celebrating the Renaissance of Ybor City

Casa Ybor is proud to be one of the driving forces behind the exciting revitalization of the Ybor City National Historic Landmark District of Tampa, Florida.

For decades, Ybor City has enjoyed a reputation as a nationally renowned entertainment district. Casa Ybor is focused on contributing to “The Renaissance of Ybor City” as a diverse, vibrant and sustainable business and residential community.

Our properties include a former cigar factory, 7th Avenue storefronts, new mixed-useproperties, historic office and retail spaces, warehouse spaces, and contemporary apartment homes for rent and lease in ideal, walkable locations throughout the District.

Restoring The District’s Landmarks & Residential Life
Courtesy of WEDU, Tampa (PBS TV)
Featuring Ariel Quintela of Casa Ybor

Honoring a Rich History and Culture

Celebrating the history and culture of Ybor City includes naming numerous Casa Ybor properties in honor of the District’s early founders, merchants and cigar industry pioneers such as Vicente Martinez-Ybor for whom the District is named.

Vicente Martinez-Ybor (1818 – 1896),
Founder of Ybor City

Casa Ybor also pays tribute to heroes of the Cuban War of Independence from Spain (1895-1898), including the legendary Jose’ Marti who sparked his quest to liberate Cuba from Spanish colonial rule with a speech on the steps of an Ybor City cigar factory.

We also honor the memories of rebel leaders such as the generals Antonio Maceo (1845-1896) and Máximo Gómez (1836 –1905), revolutionary leader and journalist, Juan Gualberto Gómez (1854-1933), and local legend, Paulina Pedroso (1845-1925), a compatriot of Jose’ Marti and daughter of slaves who also worked to end segregation in Tampa.

Casa Ybor proudly embraces and showcases the history, heritage and diversity of Ybor City, including its connections to its Afro-Cuban, Caribbean, Latin American, Italian, German, Spanish and Jewish people and cultures.